The Climber The Climber
The Climber The Climber
The Climber
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The Climber - Gin 50cl - 40% Alc./Vol. I will climb my way up the fiercest of mountains and D. will catch me if I fall. D. will show me true paradise.

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The Climber - Gin 50cl - 40% Alc./Vol.

For all my life I have climbed the steepest mountains and conquered the highest peaks. Until one day I heard the story. The legend. It was spoken by all in town and it intrigued people from far off lands. It crossed oceans and land borders. Everyone had heard of it. The myth of a field full of the freshest most beautiful flowers in all the land. With one of those flowers, one would most definitely earn the love and respect of the one he or she desired most. Fearless as I was, I took on the challenge and searched for this fabulous field over the fiercest of mountains. Everyone told me I was doomed to fail, and I almost did. I would most certainly have fallen of a gigantic cliff if D. wasn’t there to save me in that moment. D. made it possible. D. showed me true paradise.

The Climber is a fresh and floral Gin based on elderflower and citrus, blended with flavorful spices.

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